Preparing for a 360° Tour photo shoot

Some tips and suggestions for getting things ready | 2/12/2013

On the day of a 360 Tour shoot, all areas to be captured must be prepared and ready for shooting. It takes approximately 10 minutes to capture each 360° area in terms of setting up equipment and adjusting camera settings, so it's quick enough. Therefore it's important that all the rooms / areas to be captured are ready and looking their best. So here area some simple tips and suggestions to help you prepare effectively:


  • Are all areas for 360s ready for capturing? i.e. tidy and looking their best.
  • Sometimes a vase of flowers in a hotel room, candles lighting in a restaurant, etc., can make the scene look much more interesting. Make sure any accessories you want are ready and in place.
  • For indoor shots, it is recommended to turn on all available lighting, so make sure there are no bulbs blown that may be noticeable in the final 360 images
  • If you don't want people in your 360s, inform staff to keep clear of selected areas that are being captured. You may also need to cordon off selected areas to the public. Basically if they can see our camera equipment, then they'll be in the 360.


If outdoor 360s are required, then the weather may be a big consideration. Some blue sky and sunshine will always make 360s look better. We are happy to be on standby if it's important to capture on a fine day. Checking the forecast is obviously the best way to keep an eye on the weather, so us your favourite forecasting service or click the image below to open the website in a separate window.




Lastly, we are always at the other end of the phone if you'd like to call us with any questions you may have.